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Happy Plants: Berries On the Way!

After feeding the garden with "dark, sticky, stinky" compost yesterday we noticed that the plants looked really happy today. We asked what makes a happy plant? Some ideas we had are that happy plants have water, they're growing bigger and they have strong stems with leaves sticking up. Then we noticed the strawberries. "Happy plants have berries!" The strawberry patch was full of little green strawberries; the shapes of blueberries were appearing. On the nature trail we even saw orange salmon berries, the start of thimble berries and tiny pale beginnings of red huckleberries. "Oooh, I can't wait until this berry is ripe!" We noticed bumble bees visiting the white flowers on the berry plants "chowing down on that sweet pollen".

Another question today was "Why does it keep going from rainy to sunny to rainy again today?" It must be Spring in Olympia and "maybe it makes the plants happy."


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