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Moon Jelly Fascination

On the shore of Steh Chass inlet (Budd Inlet) today we were fascinated by a washed up group of clear firm jelly fish, about the size of the palm of a small hand. We took turns holding one of the dead jellies with no tentacles, exploring for a long time. "I love how it is clear and so cool." "I like how it holds together and wiggles." "I notice the white lines on the outside." "It makes the rocks look funny." These are called moon jellies (harmless to humans) and many had washed ashore. We walked in the water barefooted and although it was colder today the water still felt warm enough to play, unusual for this time of year.

We also found a washed up bottom dwelling fish, a flounder, that was decaying with flies all over. It had two eyes on one side of its head, "but they're gone." "Why is the top of the fish on the side?" The dark rough skin of the fish with two eyes was on one side, while the other side looked pale and soft like the underside of a fish. "Why aren't the jellyfish rotting like this fish?" "Maybe they just washed up." "Maybe they are just made of stuff that is not stinky."


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