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Tuition & Enrollment


Tuition Includes Supplies & Meal/Snacks

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Annual Deposit of $100, applied to first month of tuition.

Quarterly Enrollment

Enrollment Requirements

We accept children that are 3 - 6 years old.  Since we enroll quarterly, we can welcome your child whenever they turn three (fall, winter, spring, etc.), so long as there is space  Children must be potty trained to attend. Families will be invited to visit the program or with a teacher before enrollment to ensure a good fit.  Be mindful that children will walk from 1 - 1.5 miles per day (stopping often to play and explore as preschoolers do).



In considering enrollment, we first determine if our program is a good fit for serving your child.  We also value diversity (racial, cultural, language, religious, LGBTQ+ and more). We have consistently enrolled children of various backgrounds and family structures as folks apply.


Free Gear Library

We have a gear library for families to check out items of our required clothing. Please ask!



Purchased from The Olympia Food Coop and Local Bakers and Farmers


We serve “Grab and Go” trail snacks that are available whenever your child needs it.  These are high protein snacks often with nut/ seed butter, flax seeds, chia, coconut, honey and a dried fruit.


2nd Breakfast: At 10:30 we serve a meal that we call “2nd Breakfast” (Hobbit humor alert!)  We find that children are so active at our school that by the time 10:30 rolls around they are in need of a full trailside meal.  Here’s an example of a 2nd Breakfast Menu:


Corn Muffins and Jam


Chickpeas or Beans

Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Dried Fruit like Dates or Apricots

Rice Cakes

Nuts or Seeds (Cashews, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds)

And more!


Weekly Schedule

9am - 1pm

Forest Days M/W/F 

Children's Art Studio & Garden Days T/TH


Sample Daily Rhythm (Forest Day)


Welcome song & mindfulness practice

Nature Walk

2nd Breakfast--read aloud/storytelling/ sharing

Forest play and return walk

Goodbye song/ Nature Notes reflections/ stories

Transition home


Sample Daily Rhythm (Art Studio and Garden)

Welcome-- tinkerlab exploration

Welcome song & mindfulness practice

Neighborhood Nature Walk or Garden Activities

2nd Breakfast--read aloud/ storytelling/ sharing

Music & Art explorations offered/ garden play

Tidy Up

Goodbye song/ reflections

Transition home

School Year Calendar 2024 - 2025


Summer 2024:

Early Summer Session (3 weeks): July 1 - 19 

Late Summer Session (4 weeks): July 31 - Aug. 25

Summer Holidays: July 4th

Autumn 2024: Sep. 16 - Dec. 14

Autumn Holidays: Personal day, Sep. 27th; Indigenous People’s Day, Oct. 14th; Break, Nov. 27th - 29th


Winter 2025: Jan. 6 - March 21

Winter Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan. 20th


Spring 2025: April 7 - June 20

Spring Holidays: Memorial Day, May 26th;

Personal day, June 13th; Juneteenth, June 19th.


Summer 2025 Early Summer and Late Summer Sessions TBA

Family Gatherings

Seeds & Seedlings (Graduation & Welcome) Ceremony--August

Arts Walk Gathering--October

Winter Solstice Twilight Lantern Walk--December

Spring Equinox Theatrical Performance--March

Summer Solstice Family Nature Hike--June

Other informal gatherings for potlucks, trail stewardship, city events, lantern crafting, fun and time together...

Rhythm, Schedule & Calendar


Monday: Squaxin Park

Tuesday: Children's Art Studio & Garden in West Olympia

Wednesday: Squaxin Park

Thursday: Children's Art Studio & Garden in West Olympia

Friday: "Adventure Day" at either McLane Nature Trail or Woodard Bay

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