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The Brave Snail

And also: The Crab Grave and Egg Finds

Many small wonders today. On our journey down a long gravel road at Priest Pt. Park our forest preschool group encountered a Pacific Sideband snail...but it was moving fast! For a snail this one was practically sprinting across the path, and though we crouched down to look closely, and put leaves in front of it to see if it would like a meal, the snail did not retreat into their shell!

"Where could they be going in such a hurry?" the adult asked.

"They must be late for lunch," one child said.

"Yeah, it didn't even eat the leaf I gave it," another said, "Hi snail, are you hungry?" the child continued in a high gentle voice.

"Look their eyes don't even hide." a child observed.

"You can even see the tail!"

"It's tentacles are really fully revealed, and snail is spread out so we can see every part!" said an adult.

"That is a really brave snail!"

It was truly a great moment to see a snail in action.

Later I found a blog entry on Nisqually Land Trust and learned these snails shoot little arrows of love after mating--worth reading Nature's Cupid: the Pacific Sideband Snail.

Also on this journey: we found a robins egg shell and a crow shell and marveled at the size difference. Good time of year to bring some books about eggs and hatchlings. We found a small dried Dungeness Crab shell with all parts. The kids negotiated and finally decided to make a grave for the crab by wrapping them in seaweed and piling stones around. We encountered a young rabbit, which it turns out was also quite brave.


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