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Building a Fairy Forest River

Forest School: Children working together to make a stream in sand.

When we arrived at the beach one morning we found two amazing events had occurred. Firstly, a huge madrone friend had fallen down, its smaller branches scattered across the beach. Second, someone had built a really cool little fairy house amongst the fallen branches. It all started when a few kids wanted to build more fairy houses, another suggested we needed to plant a forest around the house (after all fairies do live in forests)-- bits of madrone branches were used for trees. Finally, the kids that were digging heard someone mention a river and came over to dig a river through the forest. Some kids knew that rivers have tributaries and branches, so those were added. Others decided to make a lake at the bottom by creating a dam. To get the river really going, we soon realized that everyone would need to be ready to dump water at the same moment. This took such energetic focus and real teamwork!


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