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Color Mixing & Slime

This series of color mixing activities set the tone as the art studio being a community space of experimentation. Children used their fine motor skills to work with the droppers, first with two colors, changing the colors drop by drop, making gradients, then adding another color to see the effect. They checked out the findings of their classmates and shared their discoveries. By the next experience they were talking about how they remembered the magic formula to make purple. Then we added a secret ingredient to turn colors into slime! Different kinds of slime that behaved differently! Finally, some kids figured out how to use the secret ingredient to suspend the blending of the colors--making a rainbow effect. They shared their processes and duplicated them. When we set out color wheels, the children instinctively announced where their color was on the wheel-- so excited to have found their place in the rainbow. STEAM learning at it's best!


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